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I bought a motorhome during confinement Bath City News

I don’t like to remind anyone of the dark and dreary days of lockdown in 2020 and 2021, but that’s why I splurged and went out and bought myself an RV. because.

After years of dithering on this subject, I always wanted a motorhome, the two years of confinement where we could not go anywhere really decided for me.

The idea of ​​heading out into the sunset, not planning anything or telling anyone in my own RV and just staying where I feel like was like a dream come true.

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My good friend Pauline was selling her beautiful motorhome, a 1974 Volkswagen transporter, she had it for 20 years.

I knew this van very well, I remember when she bought it all those years ago, driving to school to pick up her children in her beautifully refurbished powder blue camper van.

She was the envy of all young mothers of the time.

When I heard that Pauline was selling this beauty, the temptation was just too great. Me and my friend Marie drove to her house near Bath to test drive the van. That was it, before long she was all mine.

It’s a beautiful van and Pauline and her husband Tim have lovingly maintained it over the years, it couldn’t have had better owners.

The color, powder blue, is magnificent, inside and out. Light blue leather seats and interior paint, it really is a dream. It’s like a little darling, little stove, sink, rising roof, bunk bed.

It’s an automatic transmission that makes driving easier, but there’s no power steering. She’s not the fastest, I call her Stella, but you know she’s a spinster and everyone on the road smiles as they pass. The thing is, don’t be rushed with this baby, it’s an easy lifestyle on the road with a VW campervan, that’s the beauty.

It’s a great feeling to drive through the countryside in this beauty, you’re so high and you can carry so much. I can even park it, well sometimes I can. I’m better. It’s a real adventure.

My first camping adventure was on the Dorset coast with my daughter Anna. Two first time campers we didn’t know what we were doing.

But we did. We got it all working, Anna made the best Spaghetti Carbonara I have ever tasted on this little gas oven.

The bed is really comfortable. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of parking at the beach, raising your roof and pulling out your bed for the night. And you can drink as much wine as you want. Sitting outside in the moonlight with a bowl of pasta and a glass of Primitivo is about as good as it gets. And knowing your bed is right next to you, you can just climb wherever you want or when it’s cold. Then waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon as Anna started breakfast on the gas stove outside. Really special.

I love my motorhome. This is just the beginning, but I hope that over the years we will have many beautiful trips and precious memories, just like my friend Pauline and her family have had over the years.

I feel very lucky.

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