three victims sue the social network


Aurélia Gilbert is a survivor of the Bataclan. In the summer of 2020, she took a stand on Twitter in favor of the repatriation of the children of French jihadists in Syria, a tweet that earned her a wave of hatred. “I was told it was a shame that the terrorists missed me in the November 13 attacks at the Bataclan. The night that followed someone hacked my Twitter account and posted a message that contained my phone number. private staff. I decided to file a complaint because this limit had been crossed “.

The Paris public prosecutor’s office opens an investigation. But a few weeks ago, his complaint was dismissed. Twitter simply did not respond to the judicial requisition. Impossible, therefore, to identify the perpetrators of harassment. For Maître Éric Morain, lawyer for Aurélia Gilbert and two other victims of harassment, the social network is quite simply complicit in this hatred online: “In France when an authority issues a judicial requisition to ask you for information, you are required to do so otherwise you are committing an offense.”

“We will see what justice will decide but in any case we will have put on the public square the non judicial cooperation of Twitter”.

Master Éric Morain

to franceinfo

According to Éric Morain, who also defends thejournalist Nicolas Hénin, taken hostage in 2013 by the Islamic State group and Georges Salines, who lost his daughter in the Bataclan attack, this Twitter attitude, shows “that we clearly let monsters create themselves”. The lawyer believes in this strategy of battering, recalling that Facebook ended up cooperating with French justice. “We do not imagine for a moment that if a bank or a telephone operator refused to answer [à une réquisition], that the prosecutor is satisfied and the case is dismissed. They would be immediately called to order and prosecuted “, concludes the criminal lawyer.


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