on the snowy road of migrants who reach France from Italy

The migrants’ crossing to reach France begins at nightfall, in Claviere, Italy. A group gets off the bus and rushes into the dark. France is located less than 3 kilometers by road. But the two Afghan families, with three children including a 5-year-old boy, will have it for 5 hours: they will walk through the snow-capped mountain, in the Alps. Arrived in Europe three and a half months ago, they say they fled the war in their country.

They were able to recover warm clothes from an Italian association. The fear of the police, of not being able to reach France, is very strong. This is the third time that the group has attempted the crossing. An Italian Red Cross patrol crosses their path and gives them emergency numbers to call in case of need.

This year, we see a lot of families with children. To escape police checks, they try to go through higher passes, normally used by mountain specialists.“, explains a member of the Red Cross.

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