Detox. No, Donald Trump will not receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021



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Sunday, January 31 was the deadline for submitting nominations for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. In the press, several names circulated such as that of climate activist Greta Thunberg, Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny or the ‘World Health Organization. But other more divisive appointments have made some Internet users jump, who believe that the Nobel Prize loses all its credibility by proposing the names of Donald Trump or his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

These reactions ignore how nominations work. In fact, the list of people authorized to nominate candidates is very long: according to the Nobel Prize’s website, in addition to former laureates, all members of parliaments, governments, as well as university professors and many others can suggest names. Result: in 2012, a UMP deputy proposed the name of Nicolas Sarkozy. Which is handy for supposedly being in contention. Other far-fetched nominations may also appear, such as that of Adolf Hitler, proposed in 1939, by a Swedish anti-fascist MP who wanted to criticize the functioning of the prize.

From now on, the Nobel committee will restrict the many nominations to a list of about 20 serious candidates, and keep only one to be revealed in October. On the face of it, things were off to a bad start for Donald Trump, since the Norwegian MP who proposed his name believes since the attack on Capitol Hill that he does not deserve the award. Fingers crossed for Désintox: this year, a Norwegian deputy proposed to reward the international fact-checking network, the IFCN, of which Arte’s fact-checkers are members.

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