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Emancipation license for Saudi women with the help of Italian driving instructors: Unasca, a trade association that groups driving schools and automotive consultancy firms, is recruiting driving instructors to help integrate Saudi women into the world of work .

A nice opportunity from an economic point of view, given that the salary offered to teach in Riyadh to instructors with five years of experience of 4,500 dollars a month – with travel and accommodation expenses paid by the organizers – but above all an important opportunity to help a country like Saudi Arabia in which only for a couple of years have women been able to obtain a driving license. The country is experiencing a historic transition and women are called to give their contribution in driving training – explains Manuel Picardi, Secretary General of the Federation of European Driving Schools and UNASCA delegate – a good economic opportunity for Italian instructors who want to get involved , above all, there is the opportunity to contribute to the acceleration of the emancipation process of Saudi women.

The first European driving instructors participating in the project come from France and the Netherlands, and the initiative stems from the collaboration between Unasca, Gdc (Global driving standards certification) and Eywa (Consultancy services): at the moment the research is aimed at female teachers, since their involvement in this crucial historical moment for the success of the project, but later recruitment could be extended to male instructors.

The Italian instructors follow a training course which also involves the Sacred Heart University of Milan. There is a lot of psychology in the formats we have prepared, as we believe that today’s trainers must have different transversal skills, which go through the understanding of the individual’s needs – says Paolo Perego, of the Research Unit of Traffic Psychology of the University Sacro Cuore di Milano, and supervisor of the Master Trainers in the expedition to Saudi Arabia -. We are proud to be able to contribute to the emancipation of Saudi women, and we trust in the participation of numerous Italian instructors who want to make Saudi women appreciate the positive aspects of this splendid job.

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