In Poitiers, a Facebook group of mutual aid between women to fight against isolation


In times of curfew or confinement, it is difficult to meet new people. Especially when moving to new territory. To remedy the isolation she has known since arriving in Poitiers 3 years ago, Marine Krief created, during the first confinement in the spring, the Facebook group “The rendezvous of the girls of Poitiers”. A space that allows for the forging of bonds of solidarity and friendship.

“This loneliness is heavy and therefore by creating this group, it allows me to say “I’ll help”. If there is a person who has a problem with this group, they can discuss it without judgment. “, says Marine Krief. “The Rendez-vous des filles” already brings together 2000 women in Poitiers and the surrounding area. “I needed a change and that helped me a lot. I met a lot of different people, people that I would never have been able to meet otherwise”, testifies Emma. A great collective adventure.


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