Covid-19: Italy is gradually regaining the life before

Some Italians are gradually regaining their space of freedom. For what reasons ? “Very strict, very hard confinement at Christmas and New Year’s level, and by the fact that there is no traffic between the regions”, reports journalist Alban Mikoczy live from Matera (Italy). Matera is the region where the virus circulate on less. It floats in the air like a perfume from before the epidemic. It is possible to have lunch with friends at the restaurant.

Southern Italy has come a long way in its fight against the epidemic. The authorities enforced very strict confinement and increased tests on the population. Ernesto Esposito, Minister of Health for the region of Basilicata, refuse to talk about miracles: “We should not speak of a miracle, it is the fruit of a strategy that we have put in place. The rule is to behave aggressively towards the virus “. Little by little, the animation returns to the city center. Soon, cinemas and theaters will be reopened.

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