the growing success of the German cuckoo clock

In Schonach, in the German region of Baden-Württemberg, in the heart of the Black Forest, time seems to have stood still. The town is the world cuckoo capital. There is something for everyone: traditional or modern, kitsch or minimalist. Sales are on the rise: no less than 5,000 cuckoos sold last year for one manufacturer. From 200 euros to 1,700 euros, he sells a big show every hour. The models are admired around the world: a carved wooden cuckoo clock leaves for Japan that day, but many customers are American or Chinese.

The cuckoo clock was invented in the region in the mid-18th century by a watchmaker who wanted to set up an alarm clock. To be authentic it must beentirely hand made. The work of a watchmaker, but also of a musician. In this town, owning a cuckoo clock is essential: a giant cuckoo clock, with a six-ton ​​clock and an eight-meter-high pendulum, thrones even in the city center.

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