The work suit becomes fashion-

Among the things that are not lacking at Garage Italia – the factory created by Lapo Elkann – there is fantasy. The Jumpsuit of Milan also proves it, a project – in collaboration with nss magazine – that blends fashion and automotive in the Milanese style. The object is the work suit, humble and functional divided by factory and workshop: today it is discovered by the big brands. And here it is becoming fashionable, in the name of a new awareness (copyright Armani: fewer wardrobe changes, more durable clothes).

Garage Italia and nss magazine asked 12 artists, linked to Milan, to reinterpret the overalls as if it were a blank canvas on which to imprint your own style. Each garment is a unique piece and made with artisanal procedures, after passing through the creative ateliers.

The presentation took place in three parts of four artists each. The first brought together AJPJ, Solomostry, Ignorance1 and Sangi. In the second, Riffblast, Alessio Bruno Pomioli, Giada Montomoli and Yurisatacooletters competed. The third part had as protagonists Davide Perella, Nicoletta Saracco, Call Me Teti and Patrick Eduardo.

Surprising results, with original customizations: they are not exercises in style, but real, wearable garments, with their own specific artistic touch. In common they have the goal of giving life (a real ecological recycling) to a garment that has already made its normal journey first-hand. The Jumpsuit of Milan garments are available online on the official Garage Italia website.

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