Large and “gentle”, versatile and “green” The charge of the new maxi sport utility –

They have a vocation for travel. The kind of trip that the French define grand vagabondage, great wandering. The pleasure of going, indulging one’s wandering nature, but a friend of comfort. In the networks of European cities, the maxi SUVs, over five meters long, move without problems: thanks to the raised point of view and a good turning radius. But when it comes to finding parking, they don’t have an easy time. Their habitat is wide horizons: the highway, long distances. Where, in short, you appreciate the exceptional comfort, the space (some have seven seats), the brightness of the passenger compartment, the refined finishes, the sophisticated technological equipment (from entertainment to safety), modern engines (which consume and pollute little ). Due to the price, in Italy, they are a market niche. But many look at them, and desire them, for the lifestyle they evoke. Thus the proposals multiply. Let’s see them.

The news The fourth generation of Hyundai has been available for a few days Santa Fe, seven-seater and 4×4, for the first time without diesel engines, but with the hybrid: the 20th Anniversary launch version (twenty years after the first series) costs 57,600 euros. Other absolute debuts for our market are Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander. The Explorer – 7 seats, all-wheel drive – offered only in the plug-in hybrid version, with the 457 HP EcoBoost V6 3.0 petrol engine: costs 81 thousand euros. More economical is the Highlander – 7 seats, all-wheel drive -, full hybrid, with the 190 HP 2.5 petrol engine combined with two electric units, which starts at 52,200 euros. In the Toyota family there is also the historic Land Cruiser, diesel only, sold for 59,350 euros. The new Jeep will arrive at the end of the year Grand Cherokee: with 5 seats (also exists with 7, long wheelbase, but reserved to America) and 4×4, a 4xe hybrid is also offered.

Zero emissions In 2019 Audi launched the electric e-tron (5 seats and four-wheel drive), which have just been joined by the variants S. is S Sportback (490 cm long and with an exceptional Cx for the category: 0.25). The system on which they are based consists of three electric motors, for a total of 503 Hp. From 106 thousand euros. At the end of the year, the rival BMW arrives iX, the SUV that the Bavarian house considers its new technological flagship. Among the few known data: the power of over 370 kW and the autonomy of 600 km.

Unbridled luxury There Q7 (506 cm, 5 or 7 seats, all-wheel drive) the banner of quality and Audi’s vast technological horizons: there is petrol, petrol hybrid, plug-in hybrid and diesel hybrid. They range from about 71 thousand euros to about 114. BMW has a consolidated position in this world: the X5 (492 cm, 5/7 seats, all-wheel drive, petrol, plug-in hybrid, Diesel, diesel hybrid: from 75 thousand euros), the coup X6 (494 cm, 5 seats, 4×4 drive: from 81,500 euros), the flagship X7 (515 cm, 6/7 seats, all-wheel drive, petrol, diesel, hybrid diesel: from 95,750 euros). Mercedes-Benz offers the GLE (493 cm, 5/7 seats, 4×4 drive, petrol hybrid, diesel m, plug-in hybrid: from 70,312 euros). But you can go up to the imposing GLS (521 cm, 7 seats, petrol and diesel, 4×4), whose price list starts at 95,630 euros.

The restylings Just revised, the new Kia Sorento (481 cm, 7 seats, front-wheel drive or AWD) has turned towards sustainability: petrol hybrid or plug-in hybrid. And it starts at 44,500 euros. At the other extreme, the Bentley Bentayaga (514 cm, 4/5/7 seats, all-wheel drive) has just added the plug-in hybrid version (179 thousand euros) to the petrol version (V8 and W12: from 190 thousand euros). Land Rover model year 2021 is coming Discovery, to seven seats of Land Rover: it will start from 60 thousand euros. Also new for the only Italian maxi SUV: the Maserati Levant receive both some aesthetic touches and a technological update. The price should remain around 80 thousand euros.

The others The Volvo XC 90 (495 cm, 5/7 seats, all-wheel drive), it is offered only hybrid, petrol (also rechargeable) and diesel. From 67 thousand euros. The latest series from Porsche Cayenne (492 cm, 5 seats, all-wheel drive, also coup: from 81,494 euros) petrol or rechargeable hybrid. Volkswagen Touareg (488 cm, 5 seats, petrol, plug-in hybrid, diesel) starts from 62,700 euros. The Lexus RX, (489 cm, 5 seats, 7 the long version, all-wheel drive) only plug-in hybrid, starts at 73 thousand euros, and in 2022 will leave room for the new TX.

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