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Thess Corporate is developing a connected medicine distributor.
Thess Corporate is developing a connected medicine distributor. (THESS CORPORATE)

La Valériane, this Montpellier start-up has launched on the Thess market, a smart and connected pill dispenser intended for chronically ill patients, which only distributes the doses of drugs prescribed by the doctor. This is a way to avoid overdoses while wasting fewer pills and tablets.

Thess (THErapy Smart System), combines intelligent drug packaging, a connected dispensing pillbox and telehealth software. The set constitutes the connected and mobile drug dispenser for secure telemedicine.

In 2021, a few hospitals in France including the Institut Sainte-Catherine in Avignon, (which is a medical establishment specializing in the screening and treatment of cancerous tumors and from which this innovation emanates), in the United States and Asia will be the first to offer this technology to their patients.

These patients in oral therapy at home will be in 24/7 remote monitoring with the possibility of adjusting the dosage remotely from their treatments.

Thess makes it possible to secure patients under oncological treatment and / or with serious pathologies, at home, by improving their comfort of life, avoiding treatment complications, overdoses and facilitating remote monitoring.

Thess- THErapy Smart System
Thess- THErapy Smart System (THESS CORPORATE)

You just need to identify yourself with your fingerprint and insert the medication container.

This device ensures proper medication intake and prevents overdoses. The information is shared with the healthcare team in real time.


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