On TikTok, the meteoric rise of Achilles “Magic”, a young Norman magician with 2 million subscribers


In one of his latest videos on his TikTok account, “achillemagic” shows his fans how to turn 20 euro bills into 50 or 100 euro bundles. “I show you how I do to earn money, but above all it should not be repeated. I just take my 20 euro bill, I pass my hand over it and presto I just had 50 euros. And wait, I can go much further by doubling the amount and here is 100 euros “, laughs Achille Breux, the real name of this Norman high school student.

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A magic trick that would have made him an alchemist in the Middle Ages. In our century of social networks, Achille Breux has instead become a star on TikTok where he has 2.2 million subscribers. An enormous popularity which rewards his very creative and perfectly executed magic tricks.

Achille Breux was still a stranger three years ago. In an interview given in 2018 to the local weekly newspaper Le Perche, mainly broadcast in the department of Orne, the young illusionist then 15 years old recounted his small popularity in … the playground thanks to a number which consisted of transform a six of diamonds into a white card, then make the same six of diamonds reappear in a tea bag, however tightly closed … “Bluffing”, Commented Le Perche. At the time, Achille Breux only had a hundred subscribers on his YouTube account.

The video report of France 3 Normandie, directed by D. Migniau / C. Maillard / S. Ledey

On TikTok, the rapid rise of Achilles Magic, a young magician with 2 million subscribers

But the Norman magician continued to work, repeating tricks over and over again, and gleaning valuable advice from professionals. He has notably progressed in contact with Michel Lelarge, known as “grandpa magician”. “I knew him when he was 92 years old. I was 12. He gave me advice, explained to me how to captivate the public”, he said in the columns of Le Perche.

Since then, Achille Breux’s gestures have become faster, more precise. And the boy became a showman in front of the camera. Ingredients that allowed his TikTok account to explode. With his feet firmly on the ground, “achillemagic” said he was surprised at his recent popularity at the microphone of France 3. “I really wasn’t expecting it, because I had shot my first video just like that in 2-3 minutes in my room. So telling me that people all over France saw the video, that encouraged me. to keep posting magic tricks “.

A small icon in the eyes of the adolescent public, Achille Breux is now approached by major brands for advertising spots in which he highlights sodas or Super U products, as in this video where he mixes magic and marketing.

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Let’s act together for #AnimalWellness with @ulescommercants How? Make sure the eggs are marked 1 ✅

♬ original sound – achillemagic

This collaboration with companies pleases “achillemagic”. “Obviously, it’s nice to think that the work I have been doing on social networks for the past year and a half may interest brands in terms of magic. I think they are mainly looking for the artistic”, he confides.

This money which begins to fall and a growing visibility open doors to the 17-year-old high school student. An age when his friends rather think about passing their baccalaureate. A success not easy to manage for his family. “Like all parents, we are indeed very happy for him, but we are also worried about the future and what he plans for the future. It is an environment that we do not know at all and therefore it is with a lot of attention that we follow that “, says Gaëlle Breux, her mother.

On his little cloud, Achilles thinks of Michel Lelarge, the “grandpa magician” who passed away in 2020. He also remembers the 8-year-old boy who had taken a passion for the world of magic. He has grown up and is now preparing a virtual show for the end of the year.


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