Mcfly and Carlito unveil their song about barrier gestures after Emmanuel Macron’s challenge


“I remember”, the clip of youtubers Mcfly and Carlito on barrier gestures was produced after a challenge launched by the President of the Republic. If videographers reach 10 million views, they will be able to submit Emmanuel Macron to an anecdotes competition.

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If we want to rediscover the sensations of yesterday, we must apply barrier gesturesYououtubers Mcfly and Carlito took up the challenge. On February 19, they explained in a video that they had been challenged by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to make a clip to raise awareness of barrier gestures to fight against the Covid pandemic -19. “Make this video very simple and if you have 10 million views, I make a commitment, you come to shoot at the Elysée (…) It’s up to you“, assured the president in a video broadcast by Mcfly and Carlito, a duo which has 6 million subscribers on Youtube.

The humorous clip was released at 10 a.m. this Sunday, February 21. “I promise you Manu, I’ll be careful, for my children and for France“, sing Mcfly and Carlito in this song entitled I remember in reference to the world before the pandemic.

The duo makes fun of breaches of barrier gestures: the mask “under one’s nose”, hydroalcoholic gels not used because “too viscous“or rooms that you forget to ventilate,”sorry Mr. Castex“.”Barrier gestures are important for you and your loved ones, try to respect them as much as possible, we know that it is starting to take a long time but we will all get there together“, plead the YouTubers in the description of the video, specifying that the money generated by the clip will be donated to”Agoraé (solidarity grocery stores) for students“. In 6 hours, the song has already generated 2.3 million views.

Obviously it’s political, there is strategy behind it, he has the elections in a year “, commented Mcfly and Carlito in their first video, where they announced to their community to accept the challenge. If this is reached (and it is on the right track), the YouTubers will be able to submit the President of the Republic to a competition of anecdotes. A format known on their channel: they have already done it with personalities like David Guetta, Gilles Lellouche and Guillaume Canet.


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