Germany: Erika Rischko, TikTok star at 81


At 81 years old, Erika Rischko displays her incredible energy in her videos which she posts on TikTok. She films herself in the process of strengthening her arms or legs. His short, rhythmic clips impress Internet users all over the world. For example, a push-up session garnered two million views.

The goal of the one we nicknamed Granny Fitness is to motivate as many people as possible. “It’s mostly dancing that we should do more. I would like to dance more often “, entrusts Erika Rischko, amused. Her husband had no choice: he too is now making the buzz around the world thanks to his interventions in his wife’s videos. To reach this level, no secret: you have to train. Erika Rischko signed up at the age of 55 in a gym, but without imagining such success. Her daughter started posting the videos at the start of the first lockdown last year. “I have never had more confidence in myself than at the moment, all this gives me energy”, slide Erika Rischko.

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