Germany tightens entry conditions, a blow for Moselle border residents

Crossing the border with Germany to work is the situation some 16,000 Moselle residents experience every day. However, Berlin has decided to tighten his entry requirements. You will have to present a negative test for Covid-19 within 48 hours, from Tuesday March 2 at midnight, as well as a compelling reason to come to German territory.

This is a puzzle for a young mother who lives in France, because her daughter is placed in a nursery in Germany. This will cause problems, because we do not know how to bring it back, who will look for it and how it will work. Often it is my father and the in-laws who will pick her up“, she testifies. The daily life of French hairdressers who work in Germany will also be turned upside down.”If it had been a test per week, it would have been manageable, but now, a test every two days, I do not see at all how it will go“, believes one of them.

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