French workers angry after tightening of entry conditions

In Moselle, 16,000 French workers go to their place of work in Germany every day. But, since Tuesday, March 2, the latter has strengthened its control at the border. From now on, those concerned must present a negative PCR test dating back less than 48 hours. A new measure which created many complications and caused a real traffic jam on both sides of the border. Tuesday morning, dozens of drivers without testing must wait, the time to be tested.

“I find it a shame to have to do it every 48 hours. People just don’t want it anymore. I’m sick of it.”, confides a woman who has to go to work on German soil. “We feel a bit like plague victims”, adds another. The German authorities, for their part, have opened a testing center at the border. About a hundred screenings are carried out there every hour. “I understand the unhappiness of the French, but we are not responsible for the decisions of the German government “, is justified Roman Grethel, the person in charge of the center.

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