TRUE OR FAKE. On TikTok, a Tom Cruise “deepfake” creates an almost perfect illusion


Tom Cruise’s “deepfake” videos posted on TikTok, as stunning as they are frightening, are causing a stir on social media. The portrait of the American star was plastered over another person’s face, following their movements. This image manipulation technique can make anyone say anything. Subtle details, difficult to discern at first glance, can help to spot these deepfakes.

In one movement, glasses that disappear, jaw lines that fade or eyes that overlap the glasses are all clues that suggest that the videos are not authentic. But the deception is hard to spot. However, these videos were produced by a specialist, and the technology is not within everyone’s reach. Tom Cruise’s actor and impersonator, Miles Fisher, already looks like the star physically, making the illusion easier.


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