when old photos come to life


Greg Wolf, genealogy enthusiast, has collected dozens of black and white photos of his family. Faces frozen in time, like that of his great-grandfather whom he never knew, which he can now bring to life thanks to artificial intelligence. In a few clicks and less than 30 seconds, he can make his face move and make his ancestors smile thanks to an application, MyHeritage. “I didn’t expect them at all to animate the mouth, and smile like that, I think that’s great, it gives me chills, that’s obvious”, He reacts.

In recent days, the application has enjoyed great success on social networks. Some revive Chopin, Arthur Rimbaud, Jules Verne or even La Joconde. The company that develops it is based in Or Yehuda, near Tel Aviv, Israel. She specialized in nostalgia. From 10 animated photos, the service is chargeable. More and more companies are using this type of technology: you still have to agree to share your family photos.

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