Pearl earring with sound – digital


When it comes to headphones, there are basically two camps: Some prefer large, mostly black over-ears that make the wearer look like sisters and brothers of Mickey Mouse. The others squeeze little white bumps into their ears with chopsticks. They should show maximum hippiness, especially when it’s Apple Airpods.

The Munich start-up Nova Products is now taking a completely different approach. Its founder Judith Gampe found the earphones and headsets available on the market all to be ugly, it should be better and, above all, more beautiful. After a year of development, there are now the first results that follow from these considerations.

The Nova H1 audio earrings look like normal pearl earrings, they are worn on the earlobe, either as a clip or with a bridge as an ear stud. But they’re not just jewelry. The nine millimeter white cultured pearl has two small holes in which two microphones and technology are hidden, which are supposed to send a cell phone call or the songs on the Spotify playlist directly into the ear canal. The battery is built into the back of the earring and lasts around three hours if used continuously.

In fact, the sound transmission of a prototype worked well, especially when making calls – speech and sound reached the ear, and anyone standing next to it could not overhear. Music sounded a bit tinny and not particularly full. But if you like throbbing bass, you may not be able to do anything with the dignified look of the tech pearl earrings anyway.

They are primarily intended for – as the company says – the “working moms”, i.e. women who, in addition to home office, do home schooling and housework, i.e. work at the same time, take calls and supervise children.

The audio earrings are available in silver or gold-plated silver. As with any good start-up, they are financed through a crowfunding campaign. The tech pearls quickly achieved their funding goal, despite the comparatively high price of around 360 euros for the gold and 33o euros for the silver variant.

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