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the value of collector cars has grown by 189% over the last 10 years: once only a passion, then a safe haven, and today a real investment. Thus was born the new Hetica Klassik Fund, launched by the Swiss group Hetica based in Zurich, which will invest in classic cars with a value from 30,000 up to 6 million euros, with the support of a technical committee made up of names linked to the history of cars such as Cesare Fiorio, former Ferrari sports director and winner of 18 world titles with Lancia and Fiat, Mariella Mengozzi, director of the Turin Auto Museum.

THE FIRST LADY LAGONDA ​​IN THE BUNKER GARAGE The fund reserve kept in Lugano in a futuristic garage subjected to total surveillance, air conditioning and humidity control. In this hi-tech bunker, classic cars are kept and kept in perfect working order, as well as valued, entered in events and contests of elegance, and offered for sale at the right time, including through international auctions. The first acquisition was a 1937 Lagonda LG45 Dhc, the First Lady as nicknamed by Hetica Klassik, now entrusted to expert craftsmen from Florence in view of the debut at the Reb Concours in Rome from 22 to 23 June before being transferred to the Swiss vault in Lugano.

CLASSIC AND YOUNGTIMER The new Hetica Klassik Fund reserved not only for the oldest and most prestigious classics, but also for young timers and instant classics. For the selection of models, the fund refer to the definition of “historic vehicle” of the Fiva -Fdration Internationale des Vhicules Anciens, with cars of at least 30 years old part of our technical and cultural heritage, in addition to young timers and limited series of supercars more modern ones that are particularly interesting for collectors: the skill for those who manage these funds lies above all in the ability to choose the right models to purchase and include in the assets. In the case of the Hetica Klassik Fund, the activities are supervised and supported by a technical committee made up of prestigious names historically linked to the world of both sports and vintage cars: Cesare Fiorio, former Ferrari sports director and winner of 18 world titles conquered with Lancia and Fiat, Mariella Mengozzi, director of the Turin Auto Museum, and Giuliano Bensi, President of Camet-Firenze, Club Auto Moto Epoca Toscano, and President of the Asi Club Commission.

CAR AND FINANCE: THE NUMBERS OF GROWTH The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index reports a 189% increase in the value of the collector car industry over the last ten years, and in Italy alone the turnover generated by historic cars is valued at around 2.3 billion euros per year. year, between exchanges, maintenance, restorations and events. Over the last five years, investment in this sector has produced constant growth of 16% per year, with peaks of 33% for particularly rare and sought-after models – explains the president of Hetica Capital Carlo Calarco – and today there are the best conditions for a different approach towards vintage cars, which like precious metals, gold and silver, have all the credentials to act as a store of value, or rather as an asset whose value grows over time and protects both from the effect inflation and the devaluation of the exchange rate.

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