after the fire of a data center in Strasbourg, millions of websites cannot be found


After the fire that devastated a data center in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), on the night of Tuesday 9 to Wednesday 10 March, companies are in trouble. No sign of activity at the Chimney Sweepers Bretons, a Breton chimney sweeping company. The team is at a standstill. The missions were suspended due to the computer failure. The company in question no longer has access to its data or schedules stored online.

CEO Franck Calves does not hide his fears because it is impossible to know the addresses and meeting times with clients without these lists. “We don’t know where we have to go tomorrow, we don’t know where we have to go the day after tomorrow“, he worries. In total, 3.6 million sites have lost their data. This is also the case of a ready-to-wear manager who no longer has access to her online store. line.

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