Teen Mila’s Twitter account briefly suspended for “harassment”


Twitter’s decision only lasted a few hours. The social network suspended, Sunday March 14, for “harassment” the account of the teenager Mila while she was responding to a flood of insults, before going back the next day on its decision, in front of the emotion aroused. The young girl, who has more than 20,000 subscribers, had posted in the evening old drawings of childhood, before being the target of thousands of messages of insults and threats such as “dirty whore”, “dirty dyke”, “dirty Islamophobe”, told AFP his lawyer Richard Malka.

Weekly Point, Mila claims to have replied to some, calling the author of one of these messages “frustrated virgin”, which could be the cause of its suspension by the network. “It’s unbelievable, she is only a victim”, reacted Richard Malka, denouncing “a platform of arbitrariness which refuses to apply French laws, a network without faith or law“.

“It’s as if you were assaulted in the street and convicted of assault”, he added.

On the @magicalorrs page, a white dot replaced the girl’s profile picture for a few hours while the post “Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter rules” was displayed. Asked by AFP, the American company recognized “a mistake”. The decision to intervene was “canceled and access to the account has been restored”. Which was indeed the case at the end of Monday morning.

Meanwhile, critics have descended on the social network. “#Mila @magicalorrs posts a child’s drawing, is immediately scolded and harassed. Twitter, listening only to her courage which meant nothing to her, blocks the victim’s account to the fanatic applause of the hateful sycophants. @TwitterFrance you should be ashamed “, reacted the Licra.

For the Secretary of State in charge of Digital Transition Cédric O, “the reestablishment of the @magicalorrs account by @TwitterFrance comes too late: the double sentence for #mila, constantly harassed. To protect victims online, the regulation of social networks is a priority for @gouvernementFR”.

This Iséroise had become one of the symbols of persecution on the internet at the beginning of last year, after having publicly criticized Islam.


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