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With a really very original album entitled “Burrhus”, the Nantes duo Cabadzi looked into a subject that was a priori very difficult: Skinner’s theory, applied to our connected era. Raw and intelligent, this record deserves some explanation.

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On the previous album, they had allied themselves with Bertrand Blier for a powerfully cinematographic object. This time, on the program of Cabadzi, there is Burrhus Frederic Skinner, American psychologist at the origin of the theory of the same name, applied at Harvard at the beginning of the last century. The experiment: pigeons or rats are placed in a cage with a small lever to be operated to release food. The reward is random, to the point of driving them crazy.

And here is the link woven by Cabadzi with an ultra-connected era, to networks based on likes and comments. Victorien’s music was built from that and the lyrics imposed themselves on the one who puts his voice on the record, Lulu. “I had spent the evening scrolling on my smartphone and I went to bed telling myself that I was bad, he remembers. I had spent my evening comparing myself to people who had great lives while I was on my couch doing nothing“.

Needless to say, the subject of the disc is quite hopeless on our humanity, the music rougher than on the duo’s three previous albums.

We like to create something, these 16 titles weave a narrative thread

Lulu, singer of Cabadzi

A daring, original album that goes against the grain of music that is often fragmented, ready to consume. It is still possible, and Cabadzi shows it a little more with each disc thought, for once, as a work in its own right.

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Cabadzi, Burrhus (The Absent Circus). Album available.


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