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Sabine Schmitz left us at just 51 years old. Leave a great void in the world of international motorsport. She was a predestined one: grew up in the hotel located inside the Nurburgring circuit structure, the track that winds around the Castle of Nrburg, in Germany, she breathed the air of competitions from a very young age and never stopped until the very end.

Farewell to Sabine Schmitz, queen of the Nurburgring

The Hotel am Tiergarten is a reference point for pilots, test riders and enthusiasts: their home, in every sense. Sabine was its soul. But the street circuit was not limited to seeing it from the window: Sabine was a superb explorer and interpreter even at the wheel. To the point of deserving the seat of driver of the BMW Taxi with which, as passengers, even simple enthusiasts can experience the strong emotion of the ring. Those who had never met her, had been able to get to know her through her irresistible Top Gear participations (see this video), which began in 2004

Farewell to Sabine Schmitz, queen of the Nurburgring

Sabine was the keeper of the history and tradition of the Nurburgring. Technique in driving on the track, with overalls and helmet, and impeccable hospitality of the hotel guests (but he also managed a pub near the hotel): the two faces united by a strong and affable character at the same time. His presence added a thread to the storyline of the Nrburgring Nordschleife myth.

Farewell to Sabine Schmitz, queen of the Nurburgring

Queen of the Nordschleife (in an interview she spoke of no less than 30 thousand laps of the track), the first woman to win the Nuerburging 24 hours and the fastest taxi driver in the world: Sabine was and will continue to be part of the legend of that track immersed in green and full of memories. He died on March 16 of cancer, which he had been fighting for years.

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