In Ireland, a star tap dance group of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, fully online

The Cairde group in demonstration.
The Cairde group in demonstration. (FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT)

Ireland celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day as every March 17. Usually there are parades, concerts in pubs and theaters. This year obviously, everything is taking place online, due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Among the artists who are going to video-produce, there is the rising star of Irish dance: the Cairde group.

Cairde means “friends”, in Irish Gaelic. The Cairdes are seven young people aged 19 to 21 from the west of Ireland. All have been practicing Irish dance for over ten years. They met at a traditional festival in 2017.

“We hit it off right away, we had lots of ideas, of steps that came to us, says Steven McGuinness. We continued to discuss, but it took three years to really do something. Last summer we got together to make dance videos together by the sea. ” In the musical background, trendy songs. The videos are posted on the TikTok social network where, in less than six months, the Cairdes have attracted nearly two million people, including the singer Shakira.

A sort of “Covid effect”, since everyone has spent a lot more time on social networks. In fact, the dancers say it: without Covid-19, they wouldn’t be here. Everything’s canceled, no more competition, no more shows … TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, that’s the only audience available to artists right now. To make the most of it, the Cairds confined themselves all seven together, in a house in the heart of the Irish countryside. Their investment pays off, as the troupe will be one of the faces of this St. Patrick’s Day where all the festivities take place online. The buddies will be spending the day at the Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland’s most beautiful sights, and their choreography will be broadcast live on numerous television channels. They will also be on the famous screens of Times Square, New York.

To prevent their success from running out of steam too quickly, the Cairdes are carrying out several projects. “Our audience comes first from the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom then the Philippines and Brazil, assures Seamus Morrisson, another member of the troop. This is a seriously international audience that we have here! Which is perfect for us, our main goal is to have our own tour, a Cairde show, to go on a world tour. ” While waiting for the Cairde tour, the troupe have been contacted by the American version of Incredible Talent and are expected to participate, virtually, in the next season.

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