Contained departments, European vaccine strategy, regional elections … Nicolas Bay’s “8:30 am franceinfo”

Nicolas Bay, MEP for the National Rally, March 27, 2021, on franceinfo.
Nicolas Bay, MEP for the National Rally, March 27, 2021, on franceinfo. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Nicolas Bay, MEP of the National Rally and candidate for the regional elections in Normandy was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Saturday March 27, 2021. The government’s decision to confine departments, the European vaccine strategy, the regional elections in the midst of a crisis sanitary … He answers questions from Myriam Encaoua and Jules de Kiss.

Three new departments confined: “These are decisions that show the failures of the government”

Asked about the territorialized approach of the executive which is reconfiguring certain departments, Nicolas Bay considered that these decisions “above all show the failures of the government”. “There will undoubtedly be other departments in the days which follow and with still consequences”, according to him. The restrictive measures have been extended to the Nièvre, the Aube and the Rhône. The territorialized approach demanded by his party “is taken into account late and it’s a shame”, he added.

While controls are tightened this weekend, he deplored that 90,000 police officers were mobilized “to control tolls, to track down families who are going to do a few tens of kilometers too long to get some air, it’s absolutely unbearable”. “What the French are waiting for is 90,000 police officers in our cities, who control drug tolls”, Nicolas Bay said.

Vaccines: “VShave been trampled “by the United Kingdom for three months

The MEP deplored the attitude of the United Kingdom which “keep his doses of AstraZeneca”. Furthermore, Nicolas Bay is not convinced by the strengthening of the European Commission’s export control mechanism: “It’s been three months since it should have been done”, he regretted on franceinfo.

We have accumulated a considerable delay and when there is an economic recovery, we will pay a heavy price

Nicolas bay

on franceinfo

“The United Kingdom is the most advanced of the countries of the European continent because it has the capacity to act autonomously” since he left the European Union, continued the elected. That said, the MEP never puts forward the idea of ​​France leaving the EU: “I am not saying that, I am saying that everything must be changed. “” States must be allowed to organize themselves by themselves with cooperation “, summarized Nicolas Bay.

“We must maintain these regional and departmental elections despite the health crisis

Regarding the regional and departmental elections of June 13 and 20 which should be held in the midst of a health crisis, Nicolas Bay, candidate in Normandy, considers “that these elections must be maintained”. “We cannot confine democracy”, he judged, while 71% of the French would approve a postponement of these elections for health reasons, according to a poll Odoxa Backbone Consulting for franceinfo and Le Figaro. “We are going to campaign differently. We are not going to have big public meetings”, explained the member of the National Rally.

If we are not able to organize these regional and departmental elections in France, when all the countries of the world are able to do so, it would be another demonstration of the downgrading of France

Nicolas bay

on franceinfo

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