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Culture: book on child influencers and outdoor exhibition
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Literature and outdoor exhibition: the journalist France Télévisions Nicolas Lemarignier makes you discover the cultural novelties on the set of 13h of France 2.

In his new bookChildren are kings “, author Delphine de Vigan tells about the risks of our digital life, with the theme of child influencers. “I discovered a whole universe dedicated to child influencers who are portrayed by their parents in channels which mostly promote a certain number of products. The children open these gifts in front of the camera, go into ecstasies, comment on what they see, the idea always being to honor consumption, profusion“, explains Delphine de Vigan. In October 2020, France was the first country to legislate on child labor influencers and to supervise it.

On the Champs Elysées in Paris, 20 sculptures of Philippe Geluck’s famous cat hijack the great works of art history. “The 20 bronze statues designed and sculpted by the author himself are on display until June“on the famous avenue, notes the journalist Nicolas Lemarignier on the set of France 2. The journalist also reports his crush on the new book by Guillaume Meurice” The king had not laughed “, a novel that tells the story of the jester of King Francis I.


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