should companies pay? Towards a new economic war between China and Europe … the debates of the eco of Sunday March 28

The debates of the eco (March 28, 2021).
The debates of the eco (March 28, 2021). (FRANCE INFO / RADIO FRANCE)

Jean-HervĂ© Lorenzi, founder of the Circle of Economists, and Nathalie Chusseau, economist, professor at the University of Lille, are the guests of the “eco debates” on Sunday March 28.

Covid debt: should companies be made to pay?

INSEE confirmed this week: Public debt has exploded with the pandemic. In 2020, it swelled by 270 billion euros and now exceeds 2.6 trillion, or 115% of GDP. The debate on debt repayment has been relaunched with its share of proposals such as a return to a rule of balance with multi-year spending objectives. Should we be worried about the figures communicated by INSEE?

China Europe: towards a new economic war?

Tensions are on the rise again between China, the United States and Europe. Started in the diplomatic field, the balance of power extends into the economic field: China boycotting European and American brands that refuse to use Xinjiang cotton so as not to benefit from the forced labor of Uighurs persecuted by Beijing. How far will the escalation go?

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