which European countries are ready to buy doses of Sputnik V?


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Russian vaccine: which European countries are ready to buy doses of Sputnik V?
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Some European countries are considering purchasing doses of Sputnik V. Austria has ordered one million doses of the vaccine from Russia, and Germany is not ruling out turning to Moscow as well.

“Angela Merkel does not rule out buying doses of the Russian vaccine if need be, but she promises to do nothing before the green light from the European Medicines Agency”, indicates Emmanuelle Lagarde, live from Berlin, Thursday April 1. “Hungary did not wait, it is already vaccinating its population”, adds the journalist. Other European countries are more reluctant, notably France “who brakes four irons”, specifies Emmanuelle Lagarde.

Why is France showing itself less convinced by the Russian vaccine? “First, the government believes that the vaccine will not be validated in Europe before the end of June, and that by then, Europeans will have received all the doses of vaccine they need. The other argument is clearly political: today, in turn, Secretary of State for European Affairs ClĂ©ment Beaune accused Vladimir Putin of using Sputnik as a propaganda tool to divide Europeans “, details the journalist.

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