Detox. No, there was no child trafficking on the cargo ship Evergiven, stranded in the Suez Canal



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According to conspiracy theorists, the container ship of the Evergreen company was transporting children as part of an international pedophile trafficking, instigated by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Released on Monday, the freighter stranded across the Suez Canal made world trade hiccup. But the conspiracy theorists saw it as the emergent part of a dark plot: this container ship of the Evergreen company, called Ever Given, was transporting children as part of an international pedophile traffic fomented by the Democrat. Hillary Clinton.

But how does one manage to construct such a theory? At the end of 2016, the Pizzagate, another conspiracy theory already claimed that Hillary Clinton was involved in child trafficking. This theory was fueled by the QAnon, a conspiratorial movement close to the American far right, still at work in the episode of the Evergreen freighter.

Evergreen, in fact, is the code name given to Hillary Clinton by the service responsible for the protection of personalities in the United States. Proof, if any, is that the 2016 presidential candidate is tied to the gigantic container ship, and by extension to what it carries.

What’s more, the radio call sign of the ship that blocked the Suez Canal is H3RC. Or, to one figure, the initials of Hillary Rodham Clinton! The proponents of this theory seem unaware that the “H3” is the radio code for Panama, which has the Ever Given flag. Final Reasoning Step: In the Dexter series, the hero sees a traumatized child being freed from a screen-printed container: Evergreen.

And this is how, with these kinds of clues, some people come to the conclusion that all the containers of this global sea freight giant contain children.

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