Eurozapping: Siberia under water; impressive renovation in Germany


Video length: 2 min.

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Small selection of news broadcast by European television channels on Friday April 2.

Exceptional floods in Siberia. With global warming, the ice melts earlier in the usually cold Siberian regions. A state of emergency has been declared in this region of Russia. Several villages were flooded. The flood surprised the inhabitants. To restore them to normal life, the authorities blasted the ice that covers the rivers to allow better drainage.

In Greece, another incident with Turkey. In video provided by the Greek Coast Guard, a Turkish patrol boat performs a dangerous and aggressive maneuver as it racedvsaccompanied several migrant boats. In the Aegean, provocations are common between the two countries. Athens would like Ankara to monitor this route taken by migrants, whose numbers are increasing on the island of Lesbos.

In Germany, volunteers have been mobilizing for weeks to save an abandoned, century-old religious building located in the middle of the forest. It was dismantled and then reassembled on another location. Brand new, it is now the largest wooden church built in the country.

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