RAPHAEL ENTHOVEN Direct Line: “Philosophizing on Tweeter is hard, but I want to spread ideas in this jungle!” – France Info – October 18, 2019


Raphael Enthoven is questions and questions us about all the twists and turns of the news. This is good, this is the principle of the show. New work: a comic strip “Le banquet” by Plato. Raphael Enthoven a says: ” A hit that you don’t return is a hit that poisons you “. It loves boxing rings to the point to accept an invitation to the Convention organized by the support of Marion MarĂ©chal! Question from a viewer: “ Isn’t that throwing yourself in the mouth of the wolf? “. Does he really think that the French far right is “too reac” to win an election? And going after Zemmour’s outlaw speech didn’t pose a problem for him? Are there subjects today that are impossible to tackle as the “zemmourists” say? ? And if so, is it new? The philosopher says : “Without embodying freedom of expression on its own, and even if it happens to him to fall under the blow of the law, Zemmour the right to speak”. Let’s stay on the theme of the far right with this explosive exit from an RN regional advisor facing a veiled mother. Question of a viewer sOn this theme of secularism and its application: “we have the feeling that nobody really knows how to position themselves”. Are we in a moment of “moral panic” where no one has a solution to cling to?

This week was again punctuated by tweets from Donald Trump. Raphael Enthoven is also very active on the networks: on average 300 per month! Is this really reasonable for a philosopher? Can philosophy make it possible to provide answers to the feeling of powerlessness and despair of populations?

“The banquet” of Plato in BD (editions “the escaped”)



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