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Further investigation. This reality star has had her body completely reshaped under pressure from social media
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Bowing to the pressure of social networks, this Belgian reality TV star has embarked on endless cosmetic surgery operations. Extract from “Further investigation” on this young generation giving in to the sirens of the scalpel.

At 29, this Belgian reality TV star has 2.5 million fans on social networks. A notoriety that she owes to her rants – and to a plastic… not entirely natural.

Aurélie Dotremont has however long resisted the sirens of cosmetic surgery. But insults and derogatory comments on social media “Breadboard”, “Your flat ass”, etc. decided to have her buttocks plumped up (by injection of fat taken from the abdomen). To begin.

Replenished buttocks, redone mouth, breast prostheses …

Brilliant smile (for 30,000 euros), plumped lips, breast prostheses followed. Today, Aurélie says she feels “more woman” and see himself as “a nice car”. She actually spent the price of a car in her operations, but a car that would be without brakes … The young woman is trapped in her race to perfection.

And soon rhinoplasty and ablation of the “balls of Bichat”

She is aware that it is “ridiculous” and even “completely barge”, but he absolutely has to remove this imaginary bump on his nose and make it shorter. Yielding to the latest fashions, she also plans to be kidnapped “the balls of Bichat” to obtain a deeper oval of the face. Why stop, when it’s so easy, now, to go for surgery… I have the impression, she confides, that it’s like going to get bread from the boulangist (sic) “…

Extract of “From selfie to scalpel: young surgery addicts?”, a document to review in “Further investigation” the 1st of April 2021.

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