delivery delays are exploding in e-commerce




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Consumption: delivery delays are exploding in e-commerce
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C. Tixier, E.Prigent, O. Martin, Y. Moine, J-P.Rivalain, P.Ngankam, M.Bitton

France 2

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Orders on the internet are exploding with lockdowns. Delays in delivery are also more and more frequent, and disputes are exploding.

How to explain certain delivery delays following orders placed on e-commerce sites? Some packages never even arrive. A client, met by France 2, ordered a new sofa for 1,060 euros. Because of the health crisis, he was told a delivery time of five weeks, but which has been postponed several times. “The problem is when someone tells me he’s on the transporter and never arrives, that’s a lie“, he testifies. He will wait four and a half months to get his money back.

Cases of this type, the specialized platform deal with every day: more than a third of appeals in 2020 concerned a delivery problem. “What we observed was that the French who were not used to shopping online had to get started during the various periods of lockdown. This very significant increase in e-commerce has resulted in a very significant increase in litigation“Says Yoni Ohana, its director. A company that sells garden furniture, near Lyon, explains that it has experienced several hiccups that have caused delays: cases of Covid-19 contact among its employees, or among its subcontractors, have sometimes slowed down delivery. Recourse is possible in the event of non-delivery. According to a lawyer interviewed by France 2, the seller must reimburse the customer within 14 days.


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