self-tests do not make a difference in Germany



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Germany: self-tests do not make the difference
France 2
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Self-tests to detect the coronavirus have been widely disseminated for months in Germany. The correspondent for France Televisions in Berlin, Laurent Desbonnets, details the results of these devices across the Rhine.

Coronavirus self-tests have been sold for months in Germany. Supermarkets are even authorized to distribute them. However, this new weapon does not convince, as explained Laurent Desbonnets, correspondent for France Televisions in Berlin, live in the 20 Hours of France 2, Monday April 12: “Only 4% of new cases officially detected in Germany follow rapid tests.”

“Here in Berlin, to enter a non-essential business or go to the hairdresser, you must now present a negative test, but a test must be carried out in a laboratory to have a certificate with the current date”, details the journalist. “The enthusiasm has already largely subsided, and despite these self-tests, the epidemic figures are still worrying in Germany, almost at the same level as a month ago”, he concludes.

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