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NATO Prepares for World’s Biggest Cyber ​​Warfare Game – Focusing on Gray Zone | Science and Technology News

Military cybersecurity specialists are bracing for the world’s biggest cyber warfare game, which kicks off tomorrow as fictional NATO member state Berylia is under attack.

NATO’s real-time exercise will include defenders practicing protection of critical civilian and military infrastructure, including water treatment facilities and power plants.

Amid the growing risk of actual international conflict, the exercise will also include legal teams who will need to determine if and when a particular action is acceptable under international law, as well as strategic communications experts to deal with disinformation.

In the gray area: episode one

In the gray area: episode one

An invisible enemy rises in a gray area between war and peace. Weapons of choice include disinformation, intimidation, and cyber hacks.


How it works?

Organized by the Tallinn, Estonia-based NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE), Exercise Locked Shields is an annual network defense exercise using real-world skills.

The storyline is based on an attack on the fictional land of Berylia – hypothetically located in the North Atlantic – and an adversary called Crimsonia who creates artificial islands.

Although the adversary is not associated with a specific NATO adversary, Crimsonia has features of both Russia and China in its ambitions and conduct.

The idea is to test the skills of several teams as they would be if they were forced to come to the remote aid of NATO ally Berylia, who is the target of a “sophisticated and intense series of cyber attacks” .

Participants range from specialists working for NATO member states to CCDCOE’s private sector partners who develop operating technology that supports critical national infrastructure.

The defenders are …

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