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Football Federation to continue restructuring National League system
Football Federation to continue restructuring National League system

The Football Federation has announced that it wants to move forward with the restructuring of the non-league pyramid – which could lead to more than 100 clubs moving to higher-level divisions.

This was supposed to take place at the end of the 2019-20 season, but was postponed after the campaign was rendered null and void.

With stages three to six in the National League system being curtailed this quarter, the FA have announced that they hope to move forward with the restructuring using the results of the last two campaigns to rank teams.

If the proposals are ratified by the FA Council, an additional division will be created at step four, as well as two additional divisions at step five and a reduction of divisions, from 20 to 17, at step six.

“Under the proposals, 110 clubs would be moved up the pyramid to stages four through six to facilitate new divisions, protecting the integrity of the NLS while supporting clubs with a desire and ambition to progress, without compromising the stability of the system, ”the FA announced.

“The restructuring will have a positive impact on a significant number of clubs, supporting them with reduced travel and costs and providing greater opportunities to generate income through localized facilities.”

The FA wants to create a “pure pyramid” of steps three to six. Right now, some divisions have different number of member clubs, which means that the number of teams facing promotion and relegation to the same echelon will not be equal – offering unfair advantages to some.

The FA statement added: “Following the reduction of the 2020-21 league season to stages three through six of the National League (NLS) system, our alliance and league committees have announced that they would examine the feasibility of undertaking the restructuring in steps four to six.

“The committees have now met to consider this matter and will recommend to the FA Council that the structural changes in the number of divisions in the NLS be completed in order to address the imbalance that currently exists and achieve the ‘pure pyramid’. at the first stage. at six. “

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