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Every week I get a lot of emails and WhatsApp messages from friends and neighbors asking which wines are good. And I resist the urge to say, “Read my articles – it’s all there,” because I know what they really mean is, “What wine can I buy at the store down my road? Or “Can you choose a reasonably priced mixed case of wine for me that I can order from one location?” “

Well you all have different stores down your road but I thought it would be nice to do something about this mixed case.

And I got better. I have put together a single box containing bottles from seven different small wine merchants that can be purchased with a single click. It’s exclusive to Telegraph subscribers and has a lot of wines I’d love to drink right now.

There are refreshing whites, including a superb pine picpoul with salty edges from the new 2020 vintage and a chiseled Touraine sauvignon blanc from the Loire. There is a superb Petit Chablis and an aromatic white from Lirac in the Rhône (from star producer Domaine Maby).

Reds include a Chilean Malbec (the first Chilean Malbec I have tasted and loved), a robust yet polished Portuguese blend from Quinta do Crasto in the Douro Valley, and an incredibly good Bordeaux that tastes of ripe berries with a hint of truffle. du Castillon area which borders St Emilion on the right bank of Bordeaux. The latter is a star in particular: I handed all my leftover boxes of tasting samples to a wine friend who called me right away to tell me how much he loved her. Bring the Easter Lamb!

The idea is not only to put together a collection of delicious wines, but also to introduce you to (possibly new) places to buy wine. The bottles are all sold by the seven wine merchants who form a collective called The Bunch. They are: Adnams (based in Southwold); Corney & Barrow; Haynes, Hanson and Clark; Lea & Sandeman (all three are based in London); Private cellar (Newmarket); Tanners (Shrewsbury) and Yapp Brothers (singles). But this deal is the only place where you can buy them all in one box, rather than buying from each of the individual merchants.

We’ve done something like this twice before, once before Christmas when I wrote on the box in my Telegraph column and it sold out twice in 24 hours (we had to make substitutions for the second batch because many wines came from small producers, had been shipped in small volumes and there were simply no bottles left). And once five years ago when the same thing happened.

This time we are making the offer available only to Telegraph subscribers and once it is gone it is gone we will not be doing a second run. There are 600 boxes in total. Hope you like the wines. I know I do.

For more information and to order, visit

Limited Edition Case by Victoria Moore, featuring The Bunch

I chose six red wines and six white wines and each box contains a bottle of each, along with a set of notes that I have written to walk you through them.


  1. Domaine Daniel Dampt, Petit Chablis 2019, France (12%, Haynes, Hanson & Clark, £ 15.95)
  2. Telmo Rodriguez, Basa Blanco 2019, Rueda, Spain (13%, Tanners, £ 11.30)
  3. Domaine Reine Juliette, Picpoul 2020, France (13%, Lea & Sandeman, £ 11.95)
  4. Domaine Maby, Lirac Blanc La Fermade 2019, France (14.5%, Yapp, £ 14.50)
  5. Trotignon, Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Les Silex 2019, France (12.5%, Tanners, £ 10.95)
  6. Château Grinou, La Combe de Grinou Sauvignon Blanc-Sémillon 2019, IGP Périgord, France (12.5%, Corney & Barrow, £ 10.25)


  1. Adnams, Douro Red 2019, Portugal (14.5%, Adnams, £ 9.99)
  2. Weingut Petri, Pinot Noir 2018, Pfalz, Germany (13%, Lea & Sandeman, £ 12.50)
  3. Château Paret, Castillon, Côtes de Bordeaux 2016, France (14%, Haynes, Hanson & Clark, £ 10.65)
  4. Private Cellar Maison Claret Bordeaux Supérieur 2016, France (13.5%, Private Cellar, £ 12.90)
  5. Enrique Foster, Malbec 2019, Uco Valley, Argentina (13.5%, Private cellar, £ 11.25)
  6. Idahue Estate Malbec 2018, Licantén, Chile (14%, Corney & Barrow, £ 13.95)

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