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The best pasta makers for delicious home-cooked dinners Wine News

LIt might not be worth living without the occasional steaming bowl of fresh pasta, and the bragging rights are never more deserved than when you’ve rolled out the dough yourself. Plus, it tastes better than the dried stuff.

Want to master the ultimate Tuscan pappardelle, perfectly formed ravioli or the classic linguine shape? The secret, in part, is to get the perfect consistency of the dough itself, neither too crumbly nor too wet. If you want to get a high score on presentation, Stephen Harris recommends using eggs with yellower yolks, such as Burford Browns, in his homemade fresh truffle pasta recipe). Eggs, flour, and a splash of salt are all you really need to get started, but you can experiment with different flours as well – think chickpeas, green peas, or red lentils for a healthy kick.

And while you can do a good job with a humble rolling pin, a pasta machine with a variety of thickness settings and knives in different shapes will help you achieve the best results. Classic manual metal pasta machines are very reliable, usually have a hand crank, and work well for spaghetti and flat pasta, from which you can make ravioli – or just use them as lasagna sheets. You may need to purchase additional blades for different types of pasta. However, you will need to clean them thoroughly and then dry them completely to keep them hygienic without letting them rust.

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