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Dinosaur Footprint: Fossil of ‘Jurassic Giant’ Found on Yorkshire Coast | UK News

A footprint made by a large carnivorous dinosaur described as a “true Jurassic giant” has been found on a beach in Yorkshire.

The fossilized print was spotted by archaeologist Marie Woods who was collecting crustaceans.

Experts believe it was made by a dinosaur with a possible body length of eight to nine meters, which matches the footprint of a megalosaur, which lived between 175 and 164 million ago. years.

Mrs Woods was collecting shellfish when she spotted him
Mrs Woods was collecting shellfish when she spotted him

Ms Woods said she was shocked to come across the huge impression. Now she hopes it will be possible to save him before he is taken away.

“I was catching shellfish for dinner. I didn’t pick up much after seeing this, ”she says.

“It is in a fragile state and is located near water level, which means it could be lost in the sea.

“John Oxley [former city archaeologist of York] came to take a series [of] photographs so that we can create a 3D model if collection is not possible. “

Following her discovery, in an undisclosed location, Ms. Woods contacted specialists, including paleontologist Dr. Dean Lomax, author of Dinosaurs of the British Isles.

Dr Lomax said Ms Woods’ find turned out to be a rediscovery, as it was partially spotted by fossil collector Rob Taylor in November 2020.

Although Mr Taylor posted photos of his find to a Facebook group dedicated to Yorkshire fossils, the fossil was not yet fully exposed and no one had realized its true importance.

It is the largest dinosaur footprint found in Yorkshire
It is the largest dinosaur footprint found in Yorkshire

Dr Lomax, who grew up researching fossils on the Yorkshire coast and has written extensively on dinosaur finds, said: ‘This is the largest theropod footprint ever found in Yorkshire, made by a great carnivorous dinosaur.

“We know that because the shape and the three-finger track, as well as the impression of the claws, are absolutely …

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