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Sleeping under a tarp is a childhood rite of passage, and family camping trips are a simple and affordable way to get outside during summer vacation. However, a good camping trip lives or dies for one thing: a decent tent.

You need a spacious, waterproof, and comfortable place to both sleep and hang out, especially if the weather doesn’t look so nice. We have selected nine of the best family tents on the market to take with you, designed to accommodate up to four people.

What should you look for in a family tent?

Multiple bedrooms are a great idea when you are shopping for a family tent, especially if you have teenagers who need their own space. Standing space comes in handy when you’re sorting through the myriad of items needed for camping with kids, and a spacious living room will give you a place to hang out and play on rainy days.

A porch or anteroom is also useful for stuffing muddy boots. Look for a sturdy canvas stitched with a coated nylon floor to keep you warm and dry, a waterproof fly for the rain (this is the outer shell of the tent), and plenty of guy lines for added stability.

What does the size of the store mean?

Tents are classified according to the number of adults that can sleep (ie four people, six people). With that said, two adults and two or three children will generally find a six-person tent to be the best option, especially if you’re camping for a week or two at a time.

What are the disadvantages of a family store?

The bigger the tent, the heavier it tends to be, of course, and the longer it usually takes to put it together. You’ll see inflatable tents (sometimes labeled ‘air’) for sale, as well as traditional designs that use metal poles – Air tents use a foot pump to inflate their frame and are faster and less stressful to set up.

If you are vacationing at several different campsites, then weight and launch time are definitely worth considering, but if you are only heading to one campground and your car has a spacious trunk, it is worth going that big. how you can afford and not worry too much about weight; after all, you will only have to present your new home once. Manufacturers suggested launch times are often optimistic, so expect a bit of trial and error the first time you erect your canvas palace.

We’ve tested a variety of sizes and found nine great quality tent options to suit most budgets, ranging from portable tents suitable for wild camping to multi-room mega tents and smart canvas hood tents.

Decathlon Air Seconds 4.2 XL Fresh & Black Tent

Decathlon Air Seconds 4.2 XL Fresh & Black Tent

Key specs – Capacity: four; Bedrooms: Two; Weight: 18.2 kg; Release time: 15 minutes;

If you hate the gibberish of setting up huge and heavy family tents, Decathlon’s Air Seconds 4.2 XL Tent is here to make your next camping trip that much simpler.

The outer skeleton of this rather futuristic looking tent is inflated with a pump (not included), and the two spacious rooms are pre-assembled and ready to go in no time.

All Decathlon Fresh & Black tents use opaque material to line the rooms, and this really keeps them darker and cooler than an average tent, which is a great help for baking those hot summer vacations (or just when you’re trying to get out children sleep).

We also liked the large central living room complete with wide doors and windows, great for dining and hanging out in bad weather, although there isn’t much free space to talk.

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Berghaus Air 6XL inflatable family tent

Key specs – Capacity: six people; Bedrooms: two or three; Weight: 36.7 kg; Release time: 15 minutes;

Air tents aren’t much better (or much bigger) than the palatial Berg Air 6XL from Berghaus. This is a huge (and heavy) family tent – you will need space to store it at home and a large trunk to transport it on camping trips as it weighs 36.7 kg.

But if you want to have as much space as possible when you arrive at your vacation destination, this is a great option and will accommodate six adults comfortably. While the Berg Air 6XL is not lightweight, it is quick and simple to mount your inflatable poles with a pump.

Smart dividers mean you can divide the tent into different bedroom arrangements with blackout, either two bedrooms for two and four, or three bedrooms for two each.

There is plenty of headroom throughout and the huge windows make the tent feel light and airy – it’s perfect for sheltering in bad weather, and it proved to be waterproof and strong against high winds during testing.

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Easy Camp Palmdale 600 Lux Tent

Key specs – Capacity: six people; Bedrooms: one or two; Weight: 21.2 kg; Release time: 25 minutes;

The Palmdale 600 Lux is one of Easy Camp’s best-selling tents, and for good reason. This is the…

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