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“ The right people came into my life, and from there was born good food ‘ Wine News

She has a new cookbook, heralded for her delicious gluten-free and refined sugar-free brownies, but that’s the story of Justine Murphy’s Recipe Collection, The Mymuybueno Cookbook, which makes the world of food talk.

Speaking to me on this week’s Biting Talk podcast, the cooking teacher and former private chef reflects on how food and cooking helped her cope with a traumatic childhood.

As a child, she was the victim of violence from both parents. “I was locked in a room for much of my childhood,” she says. “ I have been isolated and in the hands of the wrong people for a very long time. ”

She attributes the eating disorders she suffered as a young adult to her traumatic past and adds that “food has played a really negative role in my life.”

Today, however, she says she thrives on “pursuing happiness.” I changed my life, I chose who I wanted in my life and I protected myself. Good people came into my life and from there was born good food, and it ignited a passion for food and cooking.

“This book is a healing process,” she says, adding that she will be happy if it “can help just one person”.

You can hear William Sitwell’s full interview with Justine Murphy on this week’s Biting Talk, via the audio player above. Legendary Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo sharing his love of Parmesan, wine box entrepreneur Laura Riches, British cheese expert Francis Gimblett and Biting Talk mixologist Farhad Heydari.

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