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Stepdad’s shock after shards of shattered glass dug into the tarmac and left under the swing in the village play park Bath City News

A Somerset stepfather says he was shocked and disgusted after his stepdaughter nearly stepped on shards of broken glass that had been carved into the tarmac at a Somerset play park.

The sharp glass of a broken bottle protruded from the ground under the swings in Martock’s Playpen.

Resident Louis made the nasty discovery in the Bracey Road playground on Sunday (April 11) afternoon.

He described how his stepdaughter almost stepped on ‘several pieces’ of glass ‘dug in the ground to show themselves as spikes’.

He said, “They looked so so on purpose and it was under the swings for when you get off.”

Louis described finding a fair amount of glass under the swings and in the hedges at the side of the park, which he all removed.

He described being “disgusted, shocked and worried” when he first saw him.

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He said, “It was a time when you took your breath away for the safety of children and animals.”

Louis later described upon discovering that the dog of another Martock resident had been injured by part of the glass he must have missed in the park hedge.

He reported the matter to Avon and Somerset Police and posted an article about the incident on a local Facebook page to alert other parents.

He said: “The police are very worried and they even went out of their way to come and talk to me.

“The police are contacting people for our assurance of safety at this park or the other recreation ground in Martock.”

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said the incident was reported to them on April 10 and they had not had a similar report since.

They said, “Our threshing team has been briefed to help them with their patrol plans.”

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