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Jimmy Carr takes Cheryl’s Potshot minutes in new show as Girls Aloud teammate gasps in shock UK News

Jimmy Carr gave North East favorite Cheryl a brutal pothot in just a few minutes on a new BBC show.

The comedian is the host of BBC One’s I Can See Your Voice and one of his first guest singers was Cheryl’s Girls Aloud band member Nadine Coyle.

Nadine was the guest singer on the new series this weekend, trying to help the judges earn money for the two contestants playing in the episode.

They were commissioned to work on the good singers from the bad singers of a group of suitors, who were also performing for the price of £ 10,000.

Nadine herself was lucky enough to perform with one of the numbers, not knowing whether the singer would be able to sing or not.

But it was only minutes after the show started when Nadine was panting from a comment Jimmy made about his bandmate Cheryl, the Mirror reports.

Nadine ended up yelling at him as those around her were also shocked by the blunt comment.

Host Paddy McGuinness asked Jimmy what he thought of Nadine joining the team, with him joking that he would have preferred Cheryl.

He said, “I’m fine, I mean I’m a little disappointed Nadine is here if I’m being honest. I thought if we wanted someone who knows lip sync we should have had Cheryl … “

It was then that Nadine gasped before reacting, while Alison Hammond was heard roaring with laughter.

She shouted, “We just started the show.”

Viewers took to Twitter at the time as well, with most of them amused.

One fan wrote: “Ooooh Jimmy dissing Cheryl right away.”

Another said, “#icanseeyourvoice Jimmy Carr on Cheryl Cole,” with two laughing face emojis.

A third added: “Cheryl Cole lip sync, nice Jimmy.”

I Can See Your Voice airs Saturday nights on BBC One.