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What can I cook in the microwave?

IIn the main, microwaves are used to heat cooked meals, leftovers and drinks. Many now have pre-program functions, so for example if you are cooking a pizza or a baked potato, you just need to push the button and it knows what to do.

Increasingly, microwaves are also used to cook fresh produce. Solos (those without the racks or convection heating) can cook vegetables and meat, but they won’t turn brown and crisp. Combination microwaves allow you to crisp food while microwaving it, although they tend to be a bit more expensive.

“These are really useful pieces of kit,” says Cobb. “They’re great for any veg. Once you’ve used one, I dare say you’ll be converted. You’ll be wondering ‘what’s the use of taking out the pan.’

Are microwave ovens safe?

There have been fears about microwaves almost since they first hit the market. However, when used correctly, there is no danger. According to the World Health Organization, “When used according to manufacturers’ instructions, microwave ovens are safe.” However, there could be leaks if your microwave is damaged.

“They actually have very good security mechanisms,” says Cobb. For example, you can’t turn them on if the door is open, so no heat can come out. Even if it is, it is non-ionizing radiation, therefore of relatively low energy and will not ionize atoms and molecules.

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