Best UK Dog Food 2021 – From Raw, Wet to Dry, Puppy Dog Food to Senior Food, Grain Free and Hypoallergenic Yorkshire News

Whether you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, a puppy, an older dog, or a puppy on a diet, there is a premium dog food to suit your canine companion. Here are the best dog foods out there.

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The temptation to spoil your dog with all kinds of treats (and sneaky bites of your own dinner) is always high; after all, every good boy deserves excellent dog food. But just as we take care of our own nutrition and our families, we also have to keep an eye on our dog’s diet, modulating it to match his age, activity levels, and (sorry) intestines.

There are a large number of dog foods available, not all are created equal. And while the cheapest food is tempting, it can be a false economy: after all, there are few things more expensive than a dog with recurring health problems. A good diet can prevent it.

So what should you buy for your puppy?

Dry, wet or raw dog food – what is each good for?

Dry dog ​​food covers biscuits, kibbles, and granules, while wet food tends to be canned or bagged and comes in gravy or jelly. Raw dog food is predominantly meat and often comes frozen.

Dry dog ​​food is great for ensuring complete nutrition in a meal – less water means a high concentration of nutrient-dense ingredients. It’s easier to store, lasts longer, and is less expensive than the other options.

Wet food is more attractive to most dogs thanks to its chunks of meat and sauce. Its high water content is ideal for older dogs, who need more hydration. It is less suitable for puppies, who need more nutrients in their food.

A raw food diet is particularly good if you have a dog that has foul-smelling flatulence; switching to raw foods is known to often put an end to this problem (let’s face it, disgusting). Most raw dog foods are “complete,” meaning they contain all the nutrients your dog needs in one meal. The problem, unsurprisingly, is that raw food diets are often expensive.

Sorry, we are very aware of the benefits of a vegan diet and why we should all rely more on plants for the good of the planet. However, in terms of the nutritional requirements that dogs have, they are much more easily satisfied with meat proteins than with plant proteins.

Dietary deficiencies in dogs can lead to illness and malnutrition, so this is important. To better ensure the continued good health of your canine friend, try to maintain a balance of animal and plant-based proteins.

What to do if your dog is a food snob

We’ve all known them: those dogs that raise their muzzles at the prospect of any new food. However, if you need to modify your diet, the best way is to do it slowly – small amounts of a new food are the way to go. Treat him like you would a toddler – don’t back down and give them something more palatable if they decline your offer.

The best dog foods available

Pooch and Mutt Functional, Grain Free, Dog Food

Pooch and Mutt Functional, Grain Free, Dog Food

Diet dogs, like their human counterparts, can be a bit grumpy (fair enough), but Pooch & Mutt’s Slim and Slender dry dog ​​food has kept our grandmother’s beloved dog satisfied while ‘shrinking’.

45 percent chicken, and fortified with sweet potato and pea protein, it’s rich in nutrients but designed to ensure canine satiety (dieters may know how good chicken and sweet potatoes are at keeping you full).

A complete food is everything your dog needs at each meal. It also contains a supplement, ‘nutra-bionic’, designed to help keep your dog’s skin and coat shiny, his stools less smelly and his digestive system healthy.

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Better for: a personalized subscription service for your dog

If you want to pamper your dog without harming his health, a bespoke delivery service is the ideal way to ensure his nutritional needs are met, as well as his canine taste buds.

Tails is a fabulous subscription service that will leave your dog wagging its tail with delight. Start by completing a questionnaire to identify a personalized dog food diet – you can identify if your pet is a picky eater, is older, is immobile, or has health problems.

The dishes produced are tailor-made for your dog and include whole foods, from salmon, chicken to root vegetables. From simmered wet food, custom-made kibbles, to supplements and treats, the food is excellent.

Prices start at £ 10.44 a month for a smaller dog (increasing proportionally as the dogs get older), with the food delivered right to your doorstep. It really takes the clutter out of feeding your dog well.

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ROYAL CANIN® Gastro Intestinal Low fat dry food for adult dogs

ROYAL CANIN® Gastro Intestinal Low fat dry food for adult dogs

Better for: dogs with poor digestive systems

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea and has digestive problems, this low-fat kibble is soft in a …

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