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COVID-19: Children Asked To Share Their Hopes For A Post-pandemic World In Big Ask Investigation Supported By Marcus Rashford | UK News

Millions of children will be able to express their hopes for a post-COVID world in a historical review supported by footballer Marcus Rashford.

The Big Ask, launched by England’s new Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza, is the UK’s largest children’s survey ever.

The results of the online review, titled The Children’s Commission, will highlight the barriers young people face today and solutions to help them reach their full potential.

It will run online from April 19 to May 19, with anonymous answers and questions tailored to different age groups.

Children will be asked how satisfied they are with certain aspects of their life, as well as their opinions about the future.

Dame Rachel de Souza, Children's Commissioner
Dame Rachel de Souza, children’s commissioner, says it’s time to ‘give something back’

The survey is inspired by William Beveridge’s report in the 1940s that helped form the welfare state.

Dame Rachel said: “It is time to give something back to the children after the enormous sacrifices they made during the COVID pandemic.”

She hopes parents, caregivers and teachers will encourage children to “take part in this great and exciting opportunity.”

The Big Ask will be made available to each school and through the Oak National Academy for those who are homeschooled.

Footballer Marcus Rashford, who has championed action against child food poverty, will also appear in an online assembly as part of the initiative.

The England footballer said he had educated himself by speaking directly to families and the government should do the same
The initiative is supported by footballer Marcus Rashford

The exam will be distributed to external organizations such as youth groups, charities, mental health services, children’s homes and youth justice institutions.

There will also be focus groups specifically for children with disabilities and special educational needs, and for preschool-aged infants.

Dame Rachel will visit schools through …

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