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Equality Minister Kemi Badenoch slams ‘bad faith’ criticism of government-commissioned race report Political news

The Equality Minister criticized “bad faith” attempts to discredit a government-commissioned race report as she faced MPs in the House of Commons.

Kemi Badenoch said members of the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities had been subjected to “appalling abuse”, including death threats.

He comes after United Nations human rights experts alleged the report attempted to “normalize white supremacy”.

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Ms Badenoch told MPs she rejected the UN statement, saying it was clearly “corroborated by the divisive accounts perpetrated by certain media and political groups seeking to sow division in our ethnic communities”.

She added that she would write to the group “in the strongest terms”.

Ms Badenoch told MPs: “It is true that this historical analysis challenges a number of firmly held beliefs about the vast influence of racism in Britain today.

“The Commissioners followed the evidence and drew conclusions that defied orthodoxy and were prepared for a debate that was both robust and constructive.

“However, they were not prepared for the report’s deliberate misrepresentation, which occurred after its publication, such as false accusations that they deny the existence of racism, or that they wish to put a positive spin on it. slavery atrocities, or for statements that the commissioners did not read or approve of their own report, or that they broke ranks.

“I have been informed by the President and by individual members that the Commission stands united and supports their report.

“This government welcomes the legitimate …

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