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Australian Trade Minister “absolutely confident” in UK deal World news

Australia and Britain are heading towards a free trade deal during two days of talks in London.

This despite the fact that UK Trade Secretary Liz Truss had to apologize to her Australian counterpart as talks began.

His staff had informed Dan Tehan saying he was inexperienced and was holding up progress, despite 20 years of experience in trade negotiations.

Mr Tehan told Sky News: “I was very happy that Liz rang and apologized when I landed in London regarding this article.

“There is play for trade diplomacy, obviously you’re going to get people behind the scenes to try and push buttons here and there.”

He added: “These talks are not about us, these talks are about our two nations … there was real warmth in our talks this morning.”

Dan Tehan told Sky News he was 'absolutely confident' of a deal
Mr Tehan told Sky News he was ‘absolutely confident’ of a deal

Ms Truss reportedly threatened to put Mr Tehan in an “uncomfortable seat” for nine hours to force him to speed up what her people called the icy pace of negotiations.

She ends up providing him with a mahogany chair pleasant enough for talks that will take place over two days.

The talks are the first face of negotiations between the two parties which were virtual during the pandemic. The facetime seems to be accelerating progress.

Mr Tehan told Sky News they are doing fine.

“I am convinced that we can make the deal, just sit down and work in all the details.

“They are quite complex and there are delicate issues, but the most important thing is that the two countries come to the table in very good faith, wanting to improve the economic integration between our two nations.

“I am absolutely convinced that we can make a deal.”

Liz Truss phoned Dan Tehan to apologize for the comments she made
Ms Truss phoned Dan Tehan to apologize for the comments she made

Mr …

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