Human Horizons HiPhi X Founders Edition 2021 review Car News

In the second row, passengers are given power-operated “commander” seats that each have a built-in USB port. Touch the door panel and a series of controls will appear, including climate control, seat heating, seat cooling and massage functions.

When it comes to driving what is by all standards a huge car, you can easily forget how big the X is. Unlike the Nio ES8, which constantly reminds you of its volume, it’s only in tight spaces that you really feel the size of the X. There’s no doubt that the four-wheel-drive steering contributes to its ease of use.

In Sport mode, acceleration is incredibly quick, as you would expect with around 600 horsepower on tap. In addition to comfort and economy, there is also a configurable individual mode. As in many Chinese electric vehicles, however, the highest energy harvesting setting is not particularly aggressive.

The air suspension provides stability and helps the X stay incredibly flat even in tighter turns while still providing a comfortable ride over bumps. Management, meanwhile, is well weighted but lacks real feedback.

The biggest problem on the road doesn’t come from the dynamics. Instead, it’s that in direct sunlight, the glare from the center screen reflects directly into the driver’s eyes, and the glass panel in the roof doesn’t have a blind to remedy that.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-21 23:01:23